Cannot access notebook in AWS SageMaker on Coursera

"I am currently enrolled in a Coursera course on Generative AI with LLM, and I am encountering difficulties accessing the lab for Week 1 on AWS SageMaker. After clicking ‘Open Studio,’ the page takes an extended time to load and eventually displays a blank page. I have attempted to clear my browser cache, checked my internet connection, and tried using different browsers, but the issue persists. I am seeking assistance on resolving this problem to complete the assignment.

I’m also having issues with accessing SageMaker. I didn’t see where there was a link for me to click to get to the AWS site in the video, so I created my own account. I followed the instructions to SageMaker, but it’s telling me that there are 'no user profiles under the domain" and asking me now to create a user profile, and that doesn’t seem right. I feel like I missed a step somewhere.