Lab 1 - Generative AI Use Case: Summarize Dialogue

Can not access the Sagemaker->studio, no user profile shown to launch the console, “Getting Started” window not having the link to “open Studio”

Hello @chris.favila , I am reading a lot of accessibility issues for this course GAIA and PDS, is there some issue with AWS I guess!

Please help me asap to solve the issue . I am stuck to complete to lab1

Hi Subrata. Sorry for the trouble with the lab. This is a known issue and our partners are working on it. Please monitor this topic for updates. You can also scroll up from there to read the previous updates, including how to mark the lab as completed while waiting for the fix. All important updates are highlighted in yellow. There are only 5 to 6 of them so far. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the help sharing the link. However , how long it may take by the partner to solve the issue. ? It is quite a long pending and frequent issue.