Cannot find the Machine Learning Engineering in Production specialization

It seems that the Machine Learning in Production course is part of a specialization called “Machine Learning Engineering in Production”. But I cannot find the specialization.

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@Mehrin I know it is a little confusing.

I suggest you refer to basically what is happening here:

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Hi @Mehrin ,

MLOps specialization course 2 to 4 has been discontinuing as part of the company’s continual evaluation of its course catalog and where to focus efforts on supporting learner needs.

However, course 1 is maintain in the format of a course, named “Machine Learning in Production”, that you can find here Machine Learning in Production - DeepLearning.AI.

This amazing course covers how to conceptualize integrated systems that continuously operate in production as well as how to solve common challenges unique to the production environment. With this course, you will be able to design an ML production system end-to-end as well as to establish a model baseline.

Please be assure we’ll be here to support you…

Hope it helps. Happy learning!