Cannot open sagemaker studio

Having problems to start sagemaker studio for lab 2: I don’t have the the ‘Get started’ Window with the ‘open studio’ button, instead I shall create a domain. I checked the login, it is the one of the Vocareum. So, now I have lost already 20 minutes for nothing …
If I click e.g. on create domain, the circle cursor runs all time.

At the beginning I had an InvalidSignatureException about 'signature not yet current: 20230807T141837Z is still later than 20230807T141834Z (… + 5 min.)

This issue does not happen with Lab1.
Is there a solution for this issue?

I found it: my laptop had a wrong time clock setting; after correction the exception disappeared and the ‘Get started’ Window was there …
Note: Troubleshoot signed requests for AWS APIs - AWS Identity and Access Management

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Hi Ilo! Thank you for sharing the solution. We’ll add this to the FAQ for other learners who might run into the same issue.