Lab 1 - Unable to Launch Sagemaker Studio Per Instructions

Hi All,
I am unable to launch Studio per the detailed instructions for Lab 1. For background info, I was initially successful with getting Studio up via the AWS console, but realized that it was timed for 2 hours to complete which I was not yet ready to start and finish. I then exited the console and closed the Vocareum workbench tab. I attempted today to restart again by following the exact sequence per the lab instructions but when clicking on the Sagemaker left-hand navigation Studio option, the “Open Studio” input field on the screen does not have the default profile. Instead, it show a different option button, “Create Sagemaker Domain.” Upon clicking that, it goes to the Domain screen and just hangs forever. I tried this sequence multiple times to no avail. Please advise. cc:d @chris.favila.

Hi Rob. Our partners are still working to resolve the Sagemaker issue. Kindly monitor this post for updates. Thanks!

Thanks Chris for the quick response, and will do.


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