Cannot save a copy of colab on drive

I get the following exception when I try File → Save a copy in Drive (I can’t even start my assignment, please help):
A network error occurred and the request could not be completed.
GapiError: A network error occurred and the request could not be completed.
at KH.rC [as constructor] (
at new KH (
at EGa (
at sa.program_ (
at ua (
at sa.throw_ (
at laa.throw (
at c (

Maybe the info banner at the top of this thread has something to do with it.

Hi @indranilatcal,
As far as I know, there was some server problem at the time. Are you facing the issue yet?

Yes, I still face it.

Hello indranilatcal,

Did you try saving a copy the other way,

Download → Download.ipynb—>C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb saved in your downloads
Then open notebook/upload notebook -----Choose your downloaded file before doing this step make sure you have renamed your downloaded file.

See if this works


Not sure how would it work. There are instructions about setting shortcuts to the uploaded file/folder in google drive. I guess the assignment would depend on it?

I did the download way, and I have completed the specialisation. But I remember for one of the assignment you needed to make folder in the Google drive as it had to do with the assignment. So in that case also, you could download and transfer it to your google drive, if the conventional way is not working.

Hello Indrani

Did you try again doing this after refreshing or restarting your browser?? after closing the collab?

Did it still give you the same error??

I came across this suggestion for the error you are getting.

Please check your ad-blocker or firewall setting. Check the below link


Yes, it didn’t work.

Then try the download way or check the link I sent for the GapiError solution. Remove the ad-blocker until you complete this assignment, or check your firewall setting for your browser.



I am sharing screenshot of each step how I downloaded the folder in the google drive. Please let me know at which step you got the GapiError

1.Click on the TF3 C3 W1 Data

  1. once you click TF3 C3 W1 Data, you get leaving Colab, click on the link showed in the image

  2. Once you click on the link, you get this image, where it mentions caltech birds under the folder name TF3 C3 W1 Data.

Are you able to follow this step in your browser??


These steps work only if we’re able to save the file in google drive (which I’m not able to - it’s probably due to firewall, but I don’t have permissions to disable it due to security restrictions on my work laptop). I was somehow able to copy the file to drive using my mobile. Now, after completing the lab (after opening it from my laptop), it asks to save in h5 format and download. I guess I’ll face the same problem while trying to save in h5 as it’ll attempt to save it in google drive.

What I remembered when I downloaded I could save directly in my system.

if you have kept your Colab browser open, on the most left hand side, you will find symbols of 3 blanks which is your file folder, then search, then {x}, below this you will find a symbol of folder, click on that and search for your h5 file. Once your find the folder their, right click and download.

Somehow saving as h5 worked. Thanks for your pointers.

happy to help

keep learning!!!