Issue in opening notebook in Colab


I am unable to open week3 lab assignment notebooks in colab. It’s prompting to ‘confirm the access permission to github and to authorize Colaboratory to use the GitHub API’. Has anyone else faced the same? Please help in resolving this issue.

Course 1 week 3 assignment notebook is hosted on coursera jupyter environment (see here).

Please provide more details about your problem.

I am trying to open the ungraded labs in colab. Please find the screenshot below for the message I get. I was able to access it as recently as 4days ago. My subscription for the course is still active.
I am able to access and run the notebooks of graded assignments.

Click here to view the notebook.

This is working now. Thank you very much. I would like to know why I was facing the issue.

Link to the coursera reading item page please.

My question is - why do I get the above message (screenshot shared previously) when I try to open the ungraded labs in colab. This happens for week3, week4 from course one. Thank you.

To ensure that both of us are looking at the same page(s), please reply with the links to coursera pages for the ungraded labs.

Hi, I have no issues opening the graded notebooks which are hosted on coursera platform I believe. I am unable to open all of the ungraded labs across the courses in the specialization in Colab. I get the message shared above. Thank you!

For some reason I’m able to view the notebooks on colab. I’ve asked other mentors / staff to see if they observe the issue you’ve pointed out.

That said, you can use github to view all ungraded labs and open the notebook on colab from there while you wait.

I have tried that. It throws the same error - Authorizae colab to use githubAPI. Thank you!

Use git clone / download the repository and upload the notebook to colab.


I am able to open and run the notebooks this way. Thank you. Appreciate it!

Hi Deepthi. Unfortunately, I can’t replicate the issue. It seems to be a known bug (mentioned here) which affects some users. There’s no definite resolution but it seems some had success with Incognito mode, and updating to the latest version of the browser. Maybe you can also try other browsers if you have more than one. I’m using Chrome and it’s working fine for me.

Also, I’m curious if you’re accessing the lab from your workplace or if you’re using a company laptop. Some learners had issues before with other items, but they were resolved when they used their own devices.

Nonetheless, glad there’s a workaround for now thanks to Balaji’s advice!

Hi, Yes, I suspected that the issue could not be replicated. I am using Chrome on my personal device to work on the notebooks. I was able to access them fine couple of weeks back. Right now sometimes I can open them in a different network. But that solution is not reliable or convenient. For now, Balaji’s suggestion is working well for me. Thank you.