Jupyter Lab isn't Opening - Course 1 Week 1

My Lab isn’t opening up. I’m using Mac and my Browser is chrome.

Hi @Mulhemtabba,

Try reloading the workspace

first Rename your notebook and then add ?forceRefresh=true to the url and press enter.

Hello @Mulhemtabba! Thanks for highlighting this issue.

@Girijesh give you a nice solution. However, if didn’t work for you, try this. It explains How to Get a Clean Copy of an Assignment Notebook.


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Do try to close and re-open it to see if that fixes it. (the typical restart your computer option) If not perhaps the server could be temp down. Next try another browser to see if that helps. Finally, just wait a tiny bit and try again later to see if that helps as maybe it was just temp down. :+1: