Where are the files downloaded in colab

I am slightly confused about the storage for the files we download in our Colab notebooks or Coursera labs. They do not get downloaded to our Google Drive or local computers. Is there space that the server has designated for me in the cloud that I am using?

Check your google setting or browser setting which can block any sites, download or ads.

When you are trying to run this cells this must be giving some output about why it is not able to download.

your google account setting can also block such downloads depending on your privacy setting.

When you run the cell first time, it asks for permission to connect with google drive or something similar, did you get that ?

Hello @Basira_Daqiq ,

This is not something you are downloading to your device or uploading to google drive permanently.

There’s a temporary storage space in Google colab.
You can see it here:

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