Saving data in google colab

First, I’d like to thank all the mentors that took the time to help me solve all of my problems.

I’ve now developed a ResNet model, that gives no errors, but I have a dataset I need to download, which takes really long, because my wifi is bad. Is there any way I can save loaded data, in the form of images (jpg) ? Google colab gets rid of them after the session times out. I tried saving to a text file, but I couldn’t because of the format.

People online are saying I should save to Google Drive, but I don’t how. If I saved it in Google Drive, would it reduce the download speed for the local session?

Here’s an example of saving and loading a model file with respect to google drive. You can follow the same approach to copy files over as well.

Will the files load in quickly?

Also I am aware of how to save a model, my question was about saving the data/features/images

You can use commands like cp to copy over files from drive to the notebook directory.

Did you try googling “how to use google drive”? As I think I’ve said to you before, all the information is out there for you to read. You just need to search for it.

In terms of speed, Colab and Google Drive are all in the cloud, right? So your wimpy WiFi connection is only being used to render the UI in your browser and when you initially load your dataset to the cloud.

Yes, my wifi really is wimpy…


You can follow the example in above to create a file to move to the google drive.