HELP Train Model and Practice more on Google Colab

Because of memory limit of Coursera, I cannot train model Xray image classification.
I downloaded workspace of the notebook.
I want to train it and practice more on Google colab, but I don’t know how to assess the csv file and image by the workplace which I downloaded.
Can anyone help me?

Hi @thanhxuanup!

There is an easy way to download the files. Instead of downloading the files seperately you can download the entire workspace for the whole week.

You can check the detailed process in the below link

Coursera Help Centre

And don’t forget to split the files if it is too large.

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I already downloaded the file, and it is a single file name: ‘workspace’ size 1,3 gb
But I do not how to use it in Google Colab to access the image and csv file.
Can you help me?

Hi @thanhxuanup !

In the Google colab, we cannot connect the colab to your local environment.

Therefore, you first need to upload the file to your Google Drive.

Next, by executing the following code in a colab cell, your Google Drive will be connected to the colab.

Then, it will be possible to access the image and csv files.

“”“Mount Google colab”""
from google.colab import drive

“”“check and list files or directories”""
!ls /content/drive/MyDrive/