How to download model.pkl.gz and model_squad.pkl.gz

I understand that in order to run models from 2 ungraded labs on Google Colab, I have to download all the necessary files from File->Open, and then upload them to Google Drive. The files in the data and model directories are okay to download, but I can’t download the 2 .pkl.gz file above for model initialization. Can anyone help me to download this file?

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Hi @dungdao3112000,

I’m guessing this model file is above 100mb. Any file that is above 100mb on Coursera, in your workspace a shortcut is created for it rather than the actual file. I don’t believe you can download it.


Hi dungdao3112000,

As explained here, if your zip file is larger than 100MB, you will need to split it up into smaller files instead and download each of them, using the following commands:

tar -czf - ~/work | split --bytes=100MB - ~/workspace.tar.gz

mv ~/workspace.tar.gz* ~/work/
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Thanks a lot for your solution! I have downloaded the file successfully in the end. If anyone need it, you can check my link: model.pkl.gz - Google Drive