How to access the saved model/zip file?

The optional lab says, “If you are in Coursera, follow the instructions previously provided.”

I can’t find those instructions.
I’d need to get the file from:


Hi @Marcio_Maia

The instructions are in the notebook in the previos assignement C2W4_Assignement:

If you prefer to wait the 20 minutes and not leave Coursera, keep going through this notebook. Once you are done, follow these steps:

  • Click the jupyter logo on the upper left corner of the window. This will take you to the jupyter filesystem.
  • In the filesystem you should see a file named Go ahead and download it.

Hope it helps!

If you have downloaded your model from Coursera’s Jupyter notebook and you have uploaded it to Colab and run every cell (after un-commenting the line that the instructions say to un-comment if you are running the notebook in Colab), then you can find the zip file through the file browser accessible to you right in the notebook (not in Drive!).

Click on the little folder in the left margin of the notebook in Colab, and look for your file. Click on the dots next to your file (“”) to reveal a menu with the word “Download”. Click it once to start the download. You will start to see a blue arc growing next to the filename, indicating the download has started. It takes a long time to complete… maybe 20 minutes. Click on Download only once or you will enable multiple very slow downloads.

Note: I think I saved a copy of to the current directory (“./”) as well as to the directory mentioned in the instructions. So you may have to surf through the file system to find your file–perhaps in the “tmp” directory.

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