Can't move past this. Please help (positional_encoding)

Hi @snandi ,

The passing of parameters to get_angles() is incorrect. If you check the get_angles() function, there is explanation of what the input parameters are.

I have the same problem. Can mentor help in resolving. I am stuck for last 2 days in same function. This assignment looks too confusing and not very well made.

A concrete answer is better than high level advice.

Hi @dpant123 ,

I don’t exactly know your particular problem. Although you may be having problem with the same section of the assignment, your problem may not be the same as Snandi.

If your problem is exactly the same as Snandi, then here is what I suggested:

My answer to Snanidi highlighted the parameters passed to the get_angels() function were incorrect, specifically, the first and second parameters. Consider what input parameters are expected by the get_angels() function - it is explained in the function. If you read the comments there, you will be able to figure out how that is different from the parameters that are being passed to it.

We try to help students as best as we can. We can give pointers but cannot write the code. It is by working out the problem, you get to learn. I hope you would understand our position. Do reach out to us if you need further clarification.

Can you support

Hi @Abhishekhp

I can see that the 1st and 2nd parameters passed to to get_angles() are incorrect. The 1st parameter should be a column vector, and the 2nd parameter should be a row vector.
If you refer back to the cell above for testing get_angles_test() , you can see an example there on how position and dims were made into column and row vector respectively.

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