W4_A1_ Exercise 1_Get_angles

Hi, I really feel stupid now. I’m stuck with the first exercise get_angles…

My one line code is angles = pos / np.power(10000, 2*i/d)

and I can’t pass “Submatrices of odd and even columns must be equal” and “Last value should be…” tests.

Can someone help me?

Could please someone help me? I just can’t go on and I can’t find the problem. It has to be something really simple!

angles = pos / (10000 ** ((2*(i//2))/d))

Hey @Fangyi,

you can find some information on how the get_angels function should be implemented here and here.

Hello Fangyi,

Sorry for the late response. Were you able to make out the error?

Manifest had given you a couple of links on how you could implement get_angles in the graded function.