Can't submit week 2 programming Assignment


I am supposed to submit my week 2 programming assignment, “Programming Assignment: Logistic Regression with a Neural Network Mindset.”

However, the “Submit Assignment”-button has disappeared from my Jupyter Notebook, so I am unable to do so.

I also cannot run the last 5 cells of the script, which wasn’t an issue before.

Please help - how can I submit the assignment?

Hi @sarahtomori, no issues. It happens sometimes. Try refreshing the page. If that’s not the case. Go to the Kernel—> click restart and clear output—> save your work and then run the cells from the beginning through shift+enter key. Hope, you will find the button soon. Thanks !

Hi @Rashmi,

I got it to work now - many thanks for replying!

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You’re so welcome @sarahtomori !

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