Career counsling

Hi, my name is Asad and i had done my master degree in pure mathematics. i have no knowledge of programming like python etc and applied mathematics. now i had start learning machine learning and python. there are many fields in this field. what would be the best career opportunity for me. and also what should i learn first? the langue like python or i have to learn the concepts first like machine learning , algorithms etc. kindly guide me plz

The courses here all assume you know python and have some programming experience. So the best plan would be to take a python course first and then I’d suggest you start with the Deep Learning Specialization as the best way to get started on Machine Learning. It is more advanced than the Machine Learning Specialization, but if you already have an advanced degree in math you won’t have any problem with the more advanced way Prof Ng presents the material in DLS. But you definitely need to be comfortable with python programming first. Programming is fun! Just pick a good “intro to python” on Coursera and you’ll be ready to go in a few weeks of study and practice with programming.