Change of starting date of courses

I have been following multiple specializations from DeepLearning.AI

I have noticed multiple times that ‘starting date’ of courses is changing. That impact financially students that are paying for the specialization.

To be more clear I ll give an example. The specialization Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialization published the first 3 courses but not the last one. So before I register I checked the release day of the last course (course 4) and it was stated to be ‘20 August’. So I made plans of finishing the specialization in 2 months. But now the course 4 has release day ‘20 September’ which means that I have to deregister (payed 2 months already and loosing 15 days) and register back on 20 of Semtember to pay an additional month to do the course 4.

I find the specific issue unacceptable as this is not the first time happening. It happened also to ‘Deep learning specialization’ and ‘Natural language specialization’. So basically it happened on all 3 specializations that I took.

If that was only one time that would be acceptable, but happening multiple times that seems suspicious.

Personally, I think paying for a month and finishing a course you should be given access to another specialization until the following course is released.

The delays on the side of the course creators should not affect the financial of the students, cause thats what happening here.

Dont get me wrong. All courses that I took are amazing and helpful but this suspicious strategy is super annoying every time I get a specialization from Deeplearning.AI

All the best,