Changing due date and clarifications for new users

Hi everyone, I am leaving to go to Brisbane in a few days, and my course due date is January 8th. However, I will not be back until January 1st meaning I only have a week and a bit to complete what was meant to be 4 weeks of work. Is it possible to get an extension if it becomes too much work to get done on time? Also, will my Coursera certificate be valid if I did not yet finish high school at the time of attainment? Can I use the certificate to improve my ATAR in Victoria state? Finally, am I allowed to ask questions about the course on behalf of friends under 13 since they cannot be in the community? Sorry if the answers seem obvious, this is my first time on a public forum.

Hey @Jiayi_Zhang1,
Welcome to the community. Regarding your queries about the subscription and extension of the same, and your certificate and it’s validity, please ask this on Coursera Help Centre, since they will be able to help you better.

As for asking queries on your friends’ behalf, I suppose that should not be an issue, still, let me tag @Mubsi here, since I am not completely sure about this.


Thanks, I will go ask them.

Hi @Jiayi_Zhang1,

Yes, that seems fine.


Note that all the deadlines in these courses are just “advisory”, meaning there is no penalty for missing them. The dates will just automatically reset when you miss them. But note that I don’t know how the payment for the courses works and maybe that is time limited. They should have given you that information when you paid originally, but the Coursera Help Centre can address that as well.

I would think that Coursera has no idea what schools you are attending and all they care about is whether you have met the requirements to pass the course and earn the certificate.

That seems like a question for whoever in Victoria administers ATAR, whatever that is. Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone else listening here has been through that, but it’s not a question that anyone at DLAI or Coursera would have any idea about. Generally speaking, it not clear how anyone outside of Coursera would interpret a Coursera Certificate meaning that I seriously doubt there are any general rules. You’ll have to ask any particular academic institution whether they accept Coursera Certificates or give any academic credit based on them.

Thanks for your reply. I will ask the VCAA when possible. For your information, ATAR is a score given to all students in Australia graduating high school and is used by universities to determine enrolment. Sorry I took so long to reply, it was late at night in Melbourne when I first posted, and I had to wait the next day to reply.

I’m glad the answers were useful. No worries about the timing of the response. We’re used to the fact that Coursera is a worldwide platform and we have participants in all possible timezones. I wish you the best with your college applications. Even if they don’t directly give you academic credits for your Coursera work, the knowledge you have gained will give you a headstart on your CS coursework.