Changing Jazz by Classical Music


I have been trying to used the model in the notebook to generate my own “classical” music instead of Jazz. I tried to change the file “data/original_metheny.mid” by another classical music MIDI file but it just did not work out. Is it that the pre-processing code in the notebook (specifically the function “load_music_utils” is designed specifically for that Jazz MIDI file? Or is it possible to handle other type of music genres?

Thanks for the clarification

Boris Martínez.

I don’t know the answer, but you can certainly investigate how the load_music_utils function works. The source is available by clicking “File → Open” and having a look around. You can deduce the name of the file to look for by examining the “import” cell early in the notebook. Let us know if you learn anything from that investigation.

My guess is that it most likely has to do with the fact that they are going out of their way to keep things simple here and are only dealing with single note melodies, not chords or notes from multiple instruments simultaneously. At the level of MIDI, it seems unlikely there is any difference in how they handle classical versus jazz. But needing to restrict it to single note melodies might well be an issue.

You might also want to learn a bit about the structure of MIDI files and whether there are different types. One would guess that there are tools for examining them. Google is your friend. :nerd_face: