Week 1 Jazz : issues with recent versions of music21

Hi, after completing the assignment, I’m interested in exploring this a bit more, but the midi file (original_metheny) doesn’t seem to work with recent versions of music21.

This post - [C5 W4 A3] ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 0) - says it can be done by reverting to an older release, but I’m hoping to find a way of using the file with current software.

Does anyone happen to know of any way of doing this?

Just to add some progress, but of a kind that makes me pessimistic there is a solution.

There is a good discussion of this at midi - music21 getElementsByClass not showing any output for class stream.Voice - Stack Overflow, which explains some of the changes in music21 v7, and suggests replacing (in preprocess.py) this:


with this:


However, it doesn’t seem to work, since the second version returns a list of 82 voices, not 2 as the code requires.

It’s beginning to look like the changes in music21 v7 break this code quite badly - I’m likely giving up on trying to make it work unless someone can provide a working solution.