W1A3 missing files

sequence models week1 assignment 3 improvise jazz solo.
1.- could not import music21
2.- load_music_utils not found
after loading everything from W1A3

I just tested those cells in my notebook, it it works fine.

Are you running the notebook on Coursera Labs via your browser, or are you using a different environment?

different environment, it does work in coursera lab browser

those files are suppose to get all files for another environment

There is a topic on the DLS FAQ Thread about how to download all the files for a given assignment. But note that is not the end of the story: the versions of TF and all the various packages that the assignments use are from April of 2021, so there is no guarantee that things will “just work” with the latest version of all the packages. A lot can change in the world of python packages in 2.5 years.

There are no official instructions for duplicating the course environment, because there are just too many possibilities for what your software environment is. But here is a thread that has some links to get you started down that path. It will also make clear that this is not a simple matter.

This is your issue to resolve.

what is the sense to download the files if they are not complete?
We know that in coursera environment the assignment will work, the meaning of providing the files is to use it in a different environment otherwise they are not useful

The reason you can download the files is not so you can use them somewhere else.

You can download the files to save your work for reference, because you lose access to the notebooks once you complete the course.

This is what I read from the reading section, that clearly state it your own environment.

Downloading your Workspace

In case you need to download your entire workspace or some files for troubleshooting, or running in your local environment, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. From the Menu Bar of the notebook you are working on, click File → Save and Checkpoint to first save your progress.
  2. Click File → Open… , this will open your workspace.
  3. On the top right, click Lab Files , this will open a panel.
  4. Now, you can either download the entire workspace by clicking Download all files or you can select the files you want to download**.**

Note: The best way to download the supporting files for the notebook(s) is the Downloading your Workspace option.

As Tom says, you need to debug why this doesn’t work with the way you installed it on your platform. We do not have any visibility into your system. If you want to run things locally, then you need to have the debugging skills to figure out what it is going on.

E.g. are you familiar with the concept of “current working directory”? You can enter linux shell commands in a code cell in a notebook, with the ! (bang) escape to indicate that it is a shell command. Try creating a new cell in your notebook and enter the following:


Then execute that cell and see what you get.

I previously showed you the two missing piece of information:
1 music21 could not be imported
2 load_music_utils utility file also missing
there is nothing to debug there are missing files, do not go around.

Ok, I just downloaded Files.zip for the Jazz assignment. The load_music_utils function is in the file data_utils.py.

But you are right that there is no subdirectory or python file called music21. So that must be a package that you can get from somewhere. I suggest you google music21 and see what you find.

But the fact that you can’t find the data_utils.py file is most likely because of my previous theory: your current working directory is probably wrong. If you know what “current working directory” means, then you should be able to figure this out. I gave you some commands to help explore that in my previous post.

that was helpful, I will try that tomorrow,
Thank you Paul