Chatbot for Mental health

Hi Guys,
I have participated in a Hackathon and came up with an idea to develop a Chatbot for Mental health. The chatbot is expected to converse with the user about the issues related to depression only and help them in someway. In severe cases, we would direct them to a professional. My team have thought of using LLMs with RAG for this usecase.

Any suggestions for chatbot-design, approach or resources are welcome.
Thanks in advance.


Have developed one in a closely related area relating to Addiction counseling in Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Addiction. Happy to assist and collaborate.

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@rbala99 How shall I connect with you? Are you available on Discord?

I want to work in this project … could you let me know how i can connect with you :3

Consider what is your liability if your chatbot gives incorrect advice.

Hi @raon

I would like to contribute to this project if you are open to collaborating.
Let me know if you’d like to connect

Hey @raon,

Chatbot for Mental health assistance, especially the one who is in depression, is a good idea. Though I had worked for creating Chatbot for for some other healthcare issue, developing the one for mental healthcare would be interesting.

I would like to join for this project, we can connect for further discussion. If it sounds interesting to you, DM me, we can keep a call for this.