Course help regarding building LLMs for mental health disorder detection and management

Hi,I am trying to build a chat gpt like tool that can fulfill two objective:
1.To detect mental health disroders once the person starts conversation with the bot by analyzing patterns in the text.
2.Provide professional therapy grade care via talking with the person

What courses in what order should I go through to build it.I have basic knowledge of python.Please do mention the order too.

Hello @pileofbricks

Great idea and welcome to Deep learning.AI

Kindly follow through the Basics first

  1. Deep learning specialisation.
  2. Machine Learning Specialisation
  3. Tensorflow developer professional

4. Tensorflow advanced technique specialisation
5. NLP specialisation
6. GAN specialisation

Another Course which surely will assist you is GenAI with LLM

Also creating chat bot is a different and understanding mental health disorder subjective and objectives symptoms are totally different. Although your idea of bot can surely assist or help people with mental health disorder but you need to also understand the ability to create a chatbot with an understanding of how a person with mental health disorder can even sometimes interact? If your target population is limited to depression, anxiety and/or ADHD then you could surely LLM models with interactive Task oriented levels including Games (for the interest of young crowd) to categorise the three classes and then approach them selectively based on their outcome on how to address it. This is totally suggestive from AI app point of view.

Personally, if you ask me mental health disorders even depression, anxiety and/or ADHD are divided into many subclass categories, also a person can be combination of the two or all three, and then the approach again would be totally different if one wanted to treat through chatbot. So rather my suggestion would be creation of a portal for interactive sessions between users and therapist, so they get better help and suggestions.

From what I have known in some places it is more about pills than addressing the core reason behind their mental health which I feel somewhere not a totally :100: success approach. It should be a combination of therapy, meditation, interactive sessions, SOS Help and follow through (most important)


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Hello @pileofbricks

I agree with @Deepti_Prasad that it’s great you want to use tech to help with mental health. But, there’s a big responsibility in making sure the chatbot is safe and helpful. A recent sad story showed the risks when a chatbot didn’t help a person as expected.

When building your tool, it’s very important to work with mental health experts and make sure it’s really safe for everyone.

Starting with learning about AI and mental health is good. Just remember to think carefully about how your chatbot talks to people and always check your work with experts.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:, and take care to do it right.

Thanks for showing concern.Well all of it has been figured out on my end as product developer.Its not a product for everyone you are surely allowed to proceed to licensed therapist.

I am trying to develop a tool that provides access to majority of lower middle income countries.Marginalised also have right to access better mental health,developing countries policy are structured such that it hardly caters to mental health of the masses.

Rest assured I wont provide a concrete analysis regarding the disorder unless I get clinical licenses for my tool.

thanks for the help to both of you.

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