Developing personal assistant for people suffering with mental illness

I took first course on this website and I am a mechanical engineer so a complete new bie to Coding n stuff.

I want to know if I have to make a Personal Assistant App for people suffering from Mental illness .

What courses and in what order , I should take to develop my understanding of Coding , App Development and AI machine learning etc to enable me to do that.


Here, we have only AI courses. If you are new to coding, first, you should learn the basics before starting any course here. I don’t have any idea about App development.

Regarding the order of the AI courses, check out this post.


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In addition to the great pointers provided by @saifkhanengr , I would add that if I wanted to develop a Personal Assistant, I would probably study NLP (Natural Language Processing). We have one excellent NLP specialization that you can find HERE.

This specialization requires good programming skills and ideally good knowledge of deep neural networks.

Hope this helps!


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