Coding part in AI Course

Hi there , I am currently studying the ’ AI For Everyone ’ course in coursera , and I wanted to learn ’ Deep Learning Specialization ’ course , I am just wondering does it include coding parts? because the first week in the AI For Everyone course does not include coding parts.
Thank you

Hello @Yassine_Atik! Welcome to our community.
Yes, Deep Learning Specialization has coding parts but first, you need to complete Machine Learning Specialization. And before that, you need to learn some basics of Python. Just basics.


Thank you saif , I used to code with pythons , I am familiar with its fundamentals , thank you .
So now The next step after finishing the ‘AI For Everyone’ course , is Machine Learning Specialization , does it contain coding parts too?

Hi Yassine_Atik,

Yes, every specialization or professional courses in Machine Learning, DeepLearning, Natural Language Processing, etc., all have coding parts and assignments.

Deep Learning Specialization focus on building more complexed models (Deep Neural Network, Convolutional NN, Natural Language Processing, etc.) so we often recommend you to learn Machine Learning Specialization first. That way you can understand better about common ML practices and how to use them in different scenarios.

Hope that helps,