About Deep Learning Specialization

How are they? Could you help me, after finishing this course on AI for Everyone, would I be ready to take the specialization in Deep Learning of coursera or what anothers previous knowledge would I need?
Thanks a lot
Daniel Andrés


Hi, Daniel.

The things you need as prerequisites for the Deep Learning Specialization are:

  1. Knowledge of basic Linear Algebra. You need to have experience working with vectors and matrices and understand algebraic operations like matrix multiply and transpose. You don’t need to know what an eigenvalue is, though.

  2. Solid competence as a python programmer. The courses assume that you already know how to program in python. The first course will introduce you to numpy (the linear algebra package for python), but you need to be comfortable with python before you start. E.g. how functions work, flow control constructs (if statements and loops) and python data structures like lists, tuples and dictionaries. All the courses in the DLS series other than Course 3 have programming assignments. They are presented in Jupyter notebooks and there are very good instructions and they give you templates for a lot of the basics so that you don’t have to write everything from scratch, but do you need to complete the key parts of the algorithms.

The courses are also presented by Prof Andrew Ng, so you already know what a great teacher he is. The material is incredibly interesting and the presentation is really excellent. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!


Hi Pauline
How are you?
Thank you! I am currently taking up some studies on algebra, statistics and calculus. In turn learning Python, still at a basic level. When I finish with this I will surely start the Deep Learning specialization on Coursera, I am about to finish the AI for Everyone course and I am very interested in going deeper.
Thank you very much for your reply
Kind regards,
Daniel Andrew


Hi, Daniel.

That sounds like a great plan! With those studies, you should be well prepared to take DLS. See you there soon!

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Hi Dear Paul.

Today I started AI for everyone, and also interested in deep learning.
I am good in linear algebra, matrices , matrix multiplication and transpose.
Should I start deep learning or I have to complete AI for everyone.

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Hi, Zaheer.

If are also comfortable with python programming, then it sounds like you are fine to start DLS. I have not personally taken AI for Everyone, so I don’t know if you’d be missing anything by switching at this point. It sounds like you definitely have the technical background to start DLS now.


Hi, Paul.

Thank you for your great response.

Kind regards,

Thank you! I am about to finish the AI for Everyone course and I am very interested in going deeper.

Thank you for your insight Paulinpaloalto!

Hello, some course recommendation to learn “Knowledge of basic Linear Algebra” before starting with DL Specialization?.

Here are some recommendations I have seen over the past few years. I have not personally taken any of these (I have a math degree already), but have heard these recommended by other people whose opinions I trust:

Here’s a series of YouTube lectures called The Essence of Linear Algebra. Looking at the titles, it goes further than you really need for DL. You can stop before you get to the section on eigenvalues and eigenvectors and you should be fine.

Khan Academy has a Linear Algebra Course.

If you prefer a more college level academic approach, another choice is Prof Gilbert Strang’s MIT OpenCourseware Linear Algebra course. It is the online version of an MIT undergrad math course, so they don’t pull any punches. As with the first link above, you don’t need all the material they cover in order to be successful with the DLS series.

Have a look at those choices and I hope that at least one of them will fit your needs. Please share any feedback you have after taking all or part of any of the above courses.


Hi Paulinpaloato,

Any recommendations to acquire “solid competence as a python programmer”? I am not new to programming, I have basic programming knowledge generally.
I am currently taking intro to python on kaggle.
It will be appreciated if you could give a list or recommend a good source to learn python for machine learning (deep learning specialization).

many Thanks, in anticipation.

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Hi, Victor.

I’ve never looked at any courses on Kaggle, but they are a well respected place for ML related “challenge” projects. I would think that an “intro to python” should be enough to give you what you need to succeed at DLS, especially if you have programming experience in other languages.

My suggestion would be to start DLS once you complete your python course and see how it goes. If you end up feeling like the python programming part of the course is giving you more problems, there are a number of python courses on Coursera. E.g. Python for Everyone from University of Michigan or Python for Data Science, AI and Development from IBM. Please note that I have not taken either of those courses, so can’t give more detailed advice about which might be more appropriate for your situation. Please have a look at the course descriptions for more info. There are more Coursera courses you can find as well: just search the catalog.

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Thank You for your insightful response. I will finish the course I am currently taking before I take the DLS, and also follow up on coursera python courses as well.

Kind regards,

all sources are superb, start from bigning.

Hi everybody,

According to Speech of Andrew Ng in the Accelerating Your AI Career webinar, we just need to learn the basic linear algebra and python programming to start the DLS. He said “Don’t waste your time and start the DLS now”. We can learn everything we need during DLS at the same time as it starts, and we can learn about that part in any part we had trouble with.

Best regards for All AI4e and DLS students,

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