New to AI and ML

Hello friends,

Im currently new to AI and ML. wanted to know what would be the best way to start this journey and which course I can take

I see for my courses, Coding is required. Currently I know Python and Java, expertise lie between basic and intermediate

Thank you

Yes, most of the courses here require coding in python. If you have already done enough programming in python to be at or almost at intermediate level, you are probably fine to start the courses here. You may need to do spend time studying some python tutorials if you hit any new concepts as you go through the assignments.

The other prerequisite is that you need here is solid knowledge of basic Linear Algebra. You don’t need to know anything as sophisticated as what an eigenvalue is, but you need to be comfortable working with vectors and matrices and algebraic operations on them, e.g. knowing how matrix multiply works. If you already know that, then you should be all set. If Linear Algebra is not in your toolbox already, then you should take at least the first course in the Mathematics for Machine Learning (M4ML) Specialization or find an online Linear Algebra course before starting the list below.

In terms of the order in which to take the courses, I would suggest the following:

Machine Learning Specialization (3 courses)
Deep Learning Specialization (5 courses)

After you finish those two, you have a solid grounding in a lot of the types of networks and solutions and then there are a number of choices for what to take after that.

If you already know Linear Algebra, you can also take M4ML either in parallel with MLS and DLS or at any point. The second and third courses of M4ML cover calculus and probability and statistics, but you can do MLS and DLS without knowing calculus. Prof Ng has designed MLS and DLS not to require calculus, but that means you just have to believe the formulas he gives you. Knowing calculus will help with the intuition about how all this works, but it’s not required.

Welcome to the courses and I hope you will enjoy your learning journey.

See you on the forums!



Thank you for your response. I will definitely follow this order

Also one more question - For python, is there any recommended course specialized for machine learning as well ?

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There are a number of python courses on Coursera and some of them are specifically intended for people interested in ML. Here’s a thread with more detailed information.

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Thank you