Hey I am Simran from India

Hello everyone. I am new to data science and AI world and deeply fascinated by it. pls give me suggestions about courses and projects I should work in to build greater grasp and experience in the concept. Kindly connect :slight_smile:

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I recommend you start with the Machine Learning Specialization. It contains a number of practical programming labs to experiment with.

okayy… I started Mathematics for machine learning course because i knew surface level of python so should i keep it in halt and do machine learning specialisation instead?

M4ML is a good place to start if you need a math refresher. I was not sure whether to recommend that course, it depends on your background.

Note that the style that M4ML uses for Machine Learning concepts is slightly different than is used in MLS, because it has a different instructor.

So you’ll need to re-scope your thinking a little when you start into MLS. But that is also good experience in understanding the concepts.

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ohh okay thankyou for your advice!!

hi, I think the best way to learn ml is by coding as much you can I personally liked daniel bourke deep learning with pytorch course I recently started it and it is nicely paced you can get it from udemy


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