Best Course of AI

I would like to know about the best course and institute to join for learning about AI as a beginner.

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I might sound biased*, but DeepLearning.AI courses are excellent. Well explained, complete hands-on, optional labs, lots of resources. As a beginner, the ML specialization is a good option to start if you have not already taken this course.

*This is my personal opinion. I have tried other courses, and so far these are really intuitive and easy to follow.


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@Nydia is right.

DeeplearningAI has a great courses and they are categorized into basic intermediate and advanced

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I agree with Nydia: your best choice would be to start with the MLS Specialization here. Once you finish that, then DLS (Deep Learning Specialization) is the next one to take. After that you’ll have a great overview of the whole field and solid experience with the major types of neural networks. From there you have lots of additional courses you can take after that.

A couple of things to keep in mind are that you need to be familiar with basic LInear Algebra as a prerequisite here: you don’t need to know anything as sophisticated as what an eigenvalue is, but you need to be very comfortable with vectors and matrices and operations on them, like matrix multiply and transpose.

You also need to be competent python programmer before you start MLS and DLS: they will introduce you to numpy, which is the Linear Algebra library for python, but you need to be experienced in normal python already. If you have not used python before and especially if this is your first exposure to any kind of programming, you should make sure to take an “intro to python” course first.


Thanks alot Nydia. I beleive i need to take coursera membership for this course ?

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You need a Coursera account, if you are not interested in the certificate you can audit the course otherwise financial aid is also possible via Coursera.