Course Recommendations to learn AI


I am a Network Engineer by profession and a beginner level coding skill sets. I am very interested in learning AI and currently doing AI for everyone course. I would like to know what are some course recommendations or Course Path I should take to get better at AI and a have adequate knowledge to work in AI projects.


  1. Attend a Python introduction programming course. You must be comfortable writing Python code for any work in AI.
  2. Attend the Machine Learning Specialization.
  3. Attend the Deep Learning Specialization.

This will give you a broad exposure to many current AI topics.


Thanks a lot @TMosh for the reply. I am learning python course. Regarding the #2 and #3 Is it something available in the course platform ?

Yes, MLS and DLS are Specializations offered by DeepLearning.AI on Coursera. MLS is a 3 course series and DLS has 5 courses.


Thanks Paul. I will follow this path