What courses would you suggest?

What would be required to become an AI expert? I have no prior knowledge of programming, in fact, I am a design professional (Graphic Designer) but I’m seriously considering switching career and enter the AI field. I just finished a course on prompt engineering which hooked me even more and here I am now enrolled in this course, taking the first step towards my journey of becoming an AI professional one day.

So I would appreciate it if someone can suggest a methodological approach for me to reach my goal. I’m interested in ML and DL/NN, and not so much in data analysis, data engineering, or data science. What courses should I take and in what order to make this journey as smooth as possible?

PS: I have already asked the same question to ChatGPT and have a pretty good outline of the steps. But nothing can beat the intellect of a human being (at least not yet).

First you need to take some courses in Python programming.
Then you can take this sequence of DLAI courses:

  • Machine Learning Specialization
  • Deep Learning Specialization

These introduce all of the major topics.

Then you can take additional courses in areas where you are specifically interested (such as Generative networks, or Natural Language).

Then you can start accumulating experience by working on standard ML datasets that can be found on sites such as Kaggle.

This won’t make you an AI expert. But it will get you started.