Mathematics for this course

Hello all,

I started to take this course and realized by week two that linear algebra was a prerequisite. I have never taken a linear algebra course before but I can understand concepts pretty quick. I am a great python programmer but just don’t have the math.

Would it be advisable to stop and go take a linear algebra course before continuing in the deep learning course? Thank you for your time

Hi, You do not need to know Linear Algebra in depth. Watching topic specific videos on youtube will suffice for this course.

You don’t need to take a college level Linear Algebra course, but you do need a solid grounding in vector and matrix algebra. You don’t need to know what an eigenvalue is, but you need to comfortable with, for example, how matrix multiplication works. You can find lots of good information on the web. The Khan Academy has a good starter Linear Algebra course. The Gilbert Strang MIT online course is overkill, but the first part of that would be enough to get you there. Here’s a YouTube series called “The Essence of Linear Algebra” that I’ve heard several people recommend, but I have not personally looked at it.