What math can I study to fully understand this course?

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What math can I study to fully understand this course? I am starting week 2 and things are getting tough any suggestions.

Thank you

Hey @Abduhakim_Ali,
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Linear Algebra is the best thing you can study to ease the material’s roughness. That too - is a bit overkill. Mathematically speaking, knowing and understanding Linear Algebra to the core of it is not necessary for that course. But - once you know and play a bit with matrixes, dimensions, and vector multiplication - I think the course becomes somewhat more manageable.

Calculus is also nice to know here, but not mandatory. You’ll see in future videos that the most complicated mathematical subject here is the chain rules of derivatives. But then again, its something you can easily read about on Wikipedia and finish with that since all the coding required for those mathematical procedures is provided to you.

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