Conditional-gan lab is not loaded

I tried to fix an error and restart the lab, but then it stopped being loaded. I spent 2 hours trying to load it and accomplish the task. Very sad that this system is so buggy.

Hi @Grifel79, are you still experiencing the loading issue? I’ve tried running the lab on my end and it’s working just fine. Will you be able to give it another try?

One thing that can cause that type of issue is if the memory footprint of your notebook gets too large. The GANs notebooks tend to run lots of training iterations, which causes large memory footprints. And if you add any debugging prints, that makes it that much worse.

Try “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”. Of course you lose your training progress, but that’s the point. Of course once the notebook is so large that you can’t get it to start, then you can’t do the “Kernel → Restart”, so it’s a bit of a “Catch 22”. But if you can ever get it to start, that’s the first thing to try.

I tried “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” but it didn’t seem to help me.
Maybe it is some Chrome issue. I tried to clear cache, log out from Coursera - nothing helped so far

Finally it loaded and i did Kernel → Restart and Clear Output to be sure it will be fine. Seems like it was taking a lot of time to load it… still very annoying