Convolutional Neural Network Neural Style Transfer W4 Assignment 2 AssertionError: Wrong value

Hi all,

In Cell 9 of the second assignment of the Week 4 of the Convolutional Neural Network Course, when I fill the required lines with the following, it gives me an AssertionError: Wrong value:

{Moderator Eidt: Solution Code Removed}

It is very difficult for me to pinpoint this issue. I was wondering if someone could help me.

Thanks in advance!


You are reshaping incorrectly. First, use reshape and then transpose, so, the final shape will be (n_C, n_H * n_W). Please read this for more details.

Also, note that sharing your code is not allowed by the community code of conduct. So, only share your full error, not code.


Thanks @saifkhanengr! The issue was resolved! Also, sorry for posting my code!