Course 2 - week 2 - Optimization Method - notebook reboot

I think i had too many print statements, and when I try to reload my notebook it crashes, says “out of memory” is there a way to reboot cause I can’t really access it, It freezes and menus don’t function.

Hello @hien_quoc
you can refer the post C4 W3 Assignment 2 - Help! CUDA runtime implicit initialization on GPU:0 failed. Status: out of memory. This might help you!!!

Yea I just tried it but still getting “Not enough Memory to Open this Page” I think i might need an admin to intervene and try opening my notebook.

My notebook lab id is “llafmpfp”
if that helps

I think i got it to run on Mozilla firefox, then I clicked help-> ‘Get latest version" and “reboot”, It all started cause I ran the model with a bunch of print statements. I commented out the print statements then I click on Kernal->"Restart and Rerun all’ was a little laggy but that finally worked.