Course 2 week1 exercise 1

I srtruggle with this problem, I couldn’t know why Tests failed

It may be slightly difficult to point out what is wrong, since there are a few candidates.
If we look at the shape of W1, W2, b1 and b2, it looks like the shape of the first dimension is fixed to “2”. But, of course, a test program does not. So, please revisit parameters for np.zeros.
It takes a tuple for a shape. For example, test\_array =,b)) creates test\_array with its shape of (a,b), and with zero values for all elements. In your case, “b” seems to be right, but “a” may not. (maybe you specify “2” ?)
The above may not be the right guess since there are some other causes. But, first thing to try, I think.

I have found the solution already, it’s the gap after ,