Course 3 Week 3 videos locked for auditors?

I’m auditing the course and find the videos to be outstanding. Are the videos for course 3 week 3 also locked for other auditors? They are locked for me.

Hey @MrGab00,
Welcome to the community. No, the videos shouldn’t be locked for any course and any week, even if you are auditing the course. Please contact Coursera’s Learner Support regarding this, and they will resolve your issue. Let me know if this helps.


Thanks @Elemento for the guidance. I contacted Coursera customer support and they told me that I have to enroll and pay in order to unlock Week 3. Here is the message:

My name is Molly from the Coursera Support Team. I’m happy to help you.
I completely understand your concern about not being able to access the Week 3 videos on the Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning Course.
to continue learning, we will kindly request you to please click on the Enroll to unlock everything button from the course homepage. A pop-up message appears with information on the price of the course. If you accept, select the Enroll now blue button. You will be redirected to the Check Out page to supply your preferred payment method to purchase the course. Once you’ve paid, the page will refresh, bring you back to the course homepage, and the remaining modules will unlock.
Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

It seems enrollment is required to access week 3 videos. Here is a screenshot.

Hey @MrGab00,
That’s strange. I thought that we can access all the videos of any course on Coursera by just auditing the course. In fact, that was the main point behind auditing any course.

Hey @chris.favila, do you have any idea about this, particularly as to why the Week 3 videos are not offered in the audit mode? Thanks in advance.


Hi! Unfortunately, I can’t replicate the issue. Tried auditing via my personal account and the W3 videos are unlocked. By any chance, have you audited many courses before? Perhaps there are new rules in place. We can clarify with Coursera.

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Thank you for taking a look at that! I’ve audited the first two courses in the ML specialization with no issues. Only Course 3 Week 3 seems to be locked.

I asked Coursera why I cannot access the videos for Course 3 Week 3, and they replied that this course does not allow auditors to access any Week 3 content. They proceeded to instructing me to pay for a subscription. Here is the text of the email:

Hey @chris.favila,
Can you please look into this once? Thanks in advance.


Hi Jason! I’m waiting for Coursera’s reply regarding this. Will update this thread when I get more info. Thanks.

Hello again! Can you share the email you’re using for Coursera? Our partner would like to check why it’s different for you. You can send it to me via direct message. Thanks!