Week 4 not visible

Prof Ng announced an update of this course in April 2021.
I have finished the legacy course in 2020 and now I have subscribed again to learn about Transformers which is in week 4.
Wherever I start, I always end up in the old version of this course with missing Week 4.
I have noticed that I am not the only one suffering with this.

Dear Mentors could you please consult Prof Ng and fix it once for all?
A lot of paying clients (students) are not getting what they paid for.

Thank you.

Hi zbynekb,

Could you please contact Learn help centre and ask for your subscription to be un-enrolled and re-enrolled back on the course.

Hi Kic,
Thank you for your hint. The Help Center fixed my problem on my account in a few minutes.
However, the root cause hasn’t been fixed, so there are still many students out there loosing their valuable time wondering why the Week 4 is invisible.
For me, the trouble is over, for others, the trouble is going to start.
If I could, I would help, but I really do not know how.

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Hi zbynekb,

This is a platform issue that Coursera is aware of. DeepLearning.ai, as a course content provider, can not do anything. The current fix is the quickest way to get you back on track with your studies. If you know of anyone having the same issue, please pass on the message.

Did you have to pay the fee second time?

Yes, I did have to pay the fee second time because I wanted to have access to the Lab exercises.
If you only need an access to the Videos, it’s for free.

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You could ask your moderators in the Coursera forums to provide a short useful answer on this particular typical question. Now they are sending users to the discourse registration form.

For example: “The only method to get the new course materials is to contact the Help Center and ask them to enroll you in the new version, here is the link where you could do it: <LINK> and example of a request (to make life easier for those who do not speak English good enough) <REQUEST_EXAMPLE>”

UPD: lol, also they delete the whole thread when face argumented criticism of their actions

Strangely, I have just been told that the new version of the course has not been launched yet ( learning center said that ‘am able to see that the new version of the Course is not live yet’ ) but the Website and Twitter says it is.