I cannot access the new version of course 5 yet, despite all attempts

Two weeks ago, I have reset the deadlines for ( course 4, course 5):

  • For the course 4: it is ok, I even finished it in its 2nd version since May 03 (I have already done the version 1 since March 2021) and I did not have any problems with the autograder (everything was perfect…for the U-Net Assignment: I followed the instructions:(clear the output Before Submitting…), and it worked)

  • For the course 5: I have reset the deadlines, (but there was no change)…but there was a coursera option “register for new session” (3 points at top: …): two weeks ago, it was written "on May 10 you can activate the new session: today: it is May 10, now, it is written: on May 24 you can activate a new session !
    Really, I don’t understand (currently, I can’t access the 4th week “Transformers”: I still have old version with 3 weeks (with my old Assignments)
    What should I do in this situation?

Hey @Abboura go to Coursera chat here and specifically ask them to “unenroll you and then enroll again in Course 5”.

If after doing so the problem still remains, kindly let me know.

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@Mubsi : Thank you very much, I contacted them (via Chat), they solved the problem: it is ok now, I can access the new version: Really, a Big thank you :pray:

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