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I completed this whole specialization 1 year ago, recently reactivate to review assignments. Surprisingly I found it was substantially updated April 7, but I can’t get acess to the new version.

I’ve tried click ‘Reset Deadlines’ button. But it’s still old version.

Can anyone help me out or any idea? Thanks a lot!2021-04-11 (2)

I would need more information for this, but from the looks of it since you completed the specialisation a year ago, by now all your sessions are over and assignments locked.

And if you are talking about this being the same assignment as before, in that case, I’d like to inform that for C1 the assignment topics are the same, but they were revised to TensorFlow 2.x API

Hi Mubsi,

Thank you for reply!

I did completed the specilization a year ago, but I have re-pruchased the course to re-access again. I have ‘Reset deadlines’ but still old version.
Also, I would like to get access to the new material in Course 4/5, and also would like to re-take the TensorFlow 2.X version notebooks.

Alright, awesome! Firstly, thank you for your interest in our revised specialisation, happy to have you with us.

Couple of questions (1) How did you come to know about Discourse ? We have our Discourse links mentioned only in the Refresh version (not the previous), so I suspect you are already enrolled in the new version.

(2) What gives you the clue that you might not be in the Refresh version ? Is it because you don’t see the “Open assignment/Work in browser” button ?

Hi Mubsi,

Thank you for detailed reply!

For your question (1): I found Disclourse via a invitation link in a coursera forums post so I come here for help. I actually just realize forums is for old version while Discourse is for new version. here’s the post link:

For your question (2): I can’t see ‘work in browser’ button, and there are still both ‘Lab’ and “Programming assignment” for the same homework. Plus, I open last notebook for course2 and it’s still TensorFlow 1.x According to the following post, I think it’s still old version.

here’s the link

And my page as follow

Do you not see these two posts ? One is from Discussion Forum

—> Forum Link

second is under the lesson “Welcome” in week 1

—>Lesson Link

After some inquiry I’m certain you are in the old version still. Follow the instructions here to switch.

Hi. I have the same problem.
I finished course 5 and the specialization less than 6 months ago, I “reset my deadlines” but I still see the old site.
I already saw the link on how to manage the deadlines and there is nothing else that I can do.
Please, I’m not the only one with this problem, as I have seen others complain on other sites.

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Hey @jdiazcely
Ask Coursera Help Centre specifically to “un-enroll you from the course and then enroll you back in”. Hopefully this will fix it.

Hello @Mubsi
Do you know how to ask them ? I don’t find any email address, only a website with Q&A which don’t answer my problem.
Thanks a lot.

Hey @paulinpaloalto , can you please help @robinwarrot with this ? Thanks!

It is ok now, thanks for help !

Hi, @Mubsi.

I had this link in my bookmarks, in case it helps. There’s a link to the Coursera Help Center in the FAQ, but finding the chat/contact form from there can be tricky.


@nramon you are a life saver! Thanks a million!


Hey @paulinpaloalto, could add this “Chat” link which @nramon shared in your FAQs ? It’ll be a lot of help for the learners. Thanks!

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Thanks, @nramon! Yes, for some reason the Help Center seems to have made it harder to find the “Contact Us” or “Live Chat” links. It used to be that you could just “drill down” on any topic area until you got to the “leaf” level of their Q & A tree and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and the links would be there. But that method doesn’t seem to work anymore. We’ll have to use your link as the way going forward! Just as an experiment, I tried entering “contact” or “chat” in the search function on the Help Center and that also finds the same link you shared. That’s probably the easier thing to recommend to people, although I did also “bookmark” your post. Another groovy feature of Discourse that I’m just learning how to use :nerd_face:!

Also as @Mubsi suggested, I just added the link to the FAQ Thread! So we should be covered. :smile:


One of the feature that I learnt today is that if you paste any link in here it can automatically creates its hyperlink using that page’s heading. Neat!

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Yes, Discourse is really cool. The more I use it, the more I like it.

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