Coursera - How to get new course material updated on Deep Learning specialization - Sequence Model

Have reset the deadline and also paid for the new subscription, but so far still seeing old materials which I have completed earlier this year. Please help. Tensorflow versions being used still 1.2.1 as well it seems.


If you have completed some portion of the course, then resetting your deadlines will not change your course version.

In theory, you can contact the Help Center and ask them to un-enroll you from the current version, and re-enroll you in the new version.

That is rumored to be the fix for this issue.

thanks man, will try engaging with help center, course completed already previously.

Hi mjerryford,

As you have completed the course in the past, the system regards you are too well advanced in your progress, so it keeps you in the original version.
By contacting the Learner help centre, they would be able to quickly sort out the problem; just ask for your subscription to be unrolled and enrolled you back to the updated version.

Thank you, will get in touch with Learner help centre and move forward.