Upgrade to latest course 5

How do I upgrade to the new course 5 content ?


You have to ‘reset your deadline’. But if you don’t have this option you have write to the support.

Hi abdelkader,

If ‘resetting the deadline’ does not work for you, please contact the learner help centre and ask for your subscription to be un-enrolled and re-enrolled to the latest version.

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I had the same issue. The Help Center helper had to reset my deadlines twice after I had tried it myself the first time. But I can see the new content, now.

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Thank you. I contacted support and they were able to unenroll and re-enroll me in the course. Now I can see the update course.

Thank you.

Does it mean, that if I cancelled my subscription I will not be able to get this new content?

nope, without paying second time one will not be able to see labs, but lectures will be avaliable

How is it possible that there is a different response to different people by support center on the same question?

I have been told that the new version of the course has not been launched yet ( am able to see that the new version of the Course is not live yet) but Website and twitter says it is.

Responses can come from several different kinds of people. I know that the DeepLearningAI course development staff are involved because this is such new material, but you’ll also see responses from Mentors (like myself) and other learners.

Some of these are problems in the interaction between the Coursera platform (different staff from DeepLearningAI) and the DeepLearning AI material.

The DLAI staff are aware of these problems and are trying to work with the Coursera staff to resolve them. Please have a little more patience.