How to access to the new version of course?

I completed the whole deep learning specialization 5 years ago.
Recently, I reactivated my subscription to access to the new version, but I cannot switch the course material to the new version.
How can I resolve this issue?

Hi @Elham_Fathiazar,

Its been, I believe, more than 2 years since the DLS was updated, I doubt your new subscription could be to the older version. As far as I’m aware, any new subscription would be for the newer version.

Since you posted this in the Sequence Models category, I’m assuming you have access to C5. The easiest way to know if you have access to the newer version is to see if you have “Week 4” under “Course Material”.

Please let me know in any case.


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Hi Mubsi,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I do not have week4. I only see week 1,2 and 3. The course material appears the same as before. After paying for monthly rate, it only allows me to go in to the labs, but it did not upgraded my course version and I only see the old version as before payment, and not new one. And since I finished the course once before, I don’t see any option of “reset your deadline” as described in the " Announcement: Deep Learning Specialization has been Updated!".

(This is being discussed in DMs now)

Please contact Learner Help Center for this.