Updated content release date for Course 5


Any idea of the release date of the updated version of Course 5?
I have finished course 4 and I’m having a hard time deciding if it’s worth enrolling to Course 5 or maybe wait to access directly to the updated content, instead of going through the outdated exercises.

Knowing the date will definitely help making this decision.


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Hi Federico,

Course 5 has been updated. You can see announcement as below when you enrolled.

Press “Start” button to see more instructions.
BTW, if you can see Week4 lectures, it means you’re in new version.


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I can only see the 3 weeks of content after enrolling today. When I contacted the support, I was told that new content has not gone live yet…

Same problem I only see old course contents with 3 weeks. I was told new materials will be available from 26th April.

Same problem.
I finished course 5 less than 6 months ago and I already pressed the “reset deadlines” button, with no effect.

When I reset the deadlines on the other courses (1 through 4), I got finally to see week 4 on course 5

Hello. Same issue here. I have just finished the third week of course 5, week 4 does not appear and I don’t know how to reset deadlines. Please, help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Ask the support to move you to the new course, it seems to work now.

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Thank you. I have tried, but for the moment, with no success…