Course/specialization update

Hi everyone,

Considering this was just posted (image above), are there any updates on the ‘updated’ courses?
The whole ‘reset deadlines’ thing that didn’t seem to work before - any fixes/suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

Perhaps more specifically, I just completed course 4 last week and id really love to see the new material about the U-net, how do I do that?
Can I retake the course somehow?


Hello Ddejan, hope all is well with you.

Check this topic, if it does not help get back to me and I’ll love to help you further.



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Hey @ddejan. If resetting deadlines is not landing you in the revised course, go to Coursera Help and ask them specifically to “un-enroll you from the course and then enroll you again”. Hopefully this helps, as a lot of learners who have done that have successfully gotten the new material.

And using the instructions given in the topic Ammar shared with you above, you can confirm whether you are in the revised course or not.


Thank you both for the replies - I suppose ‘resetting deadlines’ for a course i’ve already completed wouldn’t work; I will write to the coursera support team.


Resetting deadlines is suppose to work. This instruction is not from us, but Coursera themselves. Try resetting deadlines first. If it still doesn’t work, then write to them.