Course 3 wk2 assignment giving me this

I’m not entirely sure why this is happening for my assignment. I can’t proceed with it. I have not had this issue with others.

There are several theories to check here. It basically looks like a rendering problem in your browser. Have you changed anything recently? Different computer? Different network? Different browser? If no, you might just try with a different browser and see if it makes a difference. Another theory would be that the file is somehow damaged (e.g. didn’t get initialized correctly for some reason). You could try “File → Rename” and then hit “Lab Help → Get Latest Version” as described on this thread in order to get a fresh copy of the notebook.

I’m not a mentor for any of the TF courses, so all the above is just “generic” stuff. If none of that helps, then we’ll have to wait for one of the TF mentors who can help more directly by actually trying it themselves or may have more context here.

Thank you for your response, the issue has resolved itself. It was throwing out a 504 and 502 error. I tried incognito mode which didn’t work, so I waited for it sometime and refreshed the page once again.

Seems to have been a network issue.

Interesting. 5xx errors are “permission” problems, so maybe someone was fiddling around with the firewall rules or the like. Or just “bad weather” in the cloud. Glad to hear that it resolved itself!

I was facing the same for NLP C4 W3, today. Also, 504. But it disappeared after reloading the page after some time.