Course 4, week 2: 0 grade for the Residual Networks programming assignments

Hi to all
know this is duplicate, however, I tried all the possible solutions out there but in vain: My code is correct but I got 0 grade!
A rapid help would be appreciated!

What is your basis for saying your code is correct?

All tests are passed in ex1 and ex2!

What is the error message you get from the grader? Click “Show grader output” and then “Copy/Paste” that here.

But also note that there are three graded sections in that exercise. If you get zero, typically it means that there is something structural wrong, e.g. a syntax error for incorrect indentation that the notebook accepts but the grader does not.

Kind of strange what’s happening. I wanted to share the error message, and for that purpose, I’ve just re-submitted the assignment but the grader worked!
Anyway, the message of the last submission before this successful one was: “Cell #5. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: ValueError(‘The first argument to must always be passed.’)”

Ok, that probably means that you had changed the code to fix that problem, but had not done a “Save” when you submitted the first time. Here in Course 4, it looks like hitting “Submit” does not do an automatic “Save” for you, so what the grader gets may not be what you are currently running in the notebook.

Also note that all the grader history is there for every submission you’ve ever done, so you don’t have to “resubmit” in order to view the past history. But it turned out to be a useful thing to do in this case :nerd_face:

Aha! Ok!
Thank you @paulinpaloalto !