Course 5 w1a1 UNQ_C2 value error

Hi learners
I have trouble understanding an error in the second question of the first assignement of coures 5 week 1.
I obtain this error.

AssertionError: Wrong values for a

It quite puzzle me because this specific function does absolutely no numerical computation .
The variable updates are prefilled .
It store data and loop on the function from UNQ_C1 and initialize value to zero.

I have check the dimension and seem to have a correct cache and pass all the test from UNQ_C1

After thinking about it I will check (when I get home ) if there is no value passed to the function to initialize a0.

In the “sample()” function, Step 2 asks you to do several math operations.
# Step 2: Forward propagate x using the equations (1), (2) and (3)

Hi Tom thank you for your quick response.
I mistakenly labeled the post .it; s w1a1
I will try to correct it

I figured out I had not seen the value pass as a parameter as i mentionned earlier .
i will dele te tha post once i find how to because it is not really relevant.